November 04, 2009

MS Word Trick: custom page sizes

I took part in a Conflict Grid workshop led by Lyn Cote, and I now use a conflict grid for every set of characters I write.

You can create a conflict grid without using a table or spreadsheet, but I need the neatness of lines and squares. I prefer tables to spreadsheets (spreadsheets give me hives), but it's easy to run out of room on Word's standard 8.5x11" page. Don't let that stop you. You can make the page size as large as you like by creating a custom paper size.

Click File, Page Setup, Paper Size, Manage Custom Sizes, and then choose your dimensions. I like a page that's at least 15" wide and 25" high (the height doesn't matter so much, but a larger number here will eliminate distracting page breaks). Name your custom size something that's easy to spot when you're looking for it next time—mine's called Big Tables.

Caveat: I have no idea how or whether Word will print custom-sized pages.
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