November 05, 2010

How I Wrote a Fantasy Romance Novella in One Month

If you've been wondering where I've been lately: I've been writing like crazy. My RWA chapter had a writing marathon in October, and it was the first time I'd written every single day. I would never have believed the difference it could make in my writing, just keeping my fingers moving and the story flowing without breaking for two days at a time over the weekends. I wrote more—and, I hope, better—in that one month than I've ever written before.

It's a nice little fantasy romance novella, full of magic and eagles, and while writing it I found out what the Northern Lights really are. They have nothing to do with the earth's magnetic fields, either. (Yes, the things I make up for my stories become real to me. That's normal, right?)

So I decided this habit will have to continue. I'm a new woman, one who writes every day. : )

And my family didn't even come close to starving while I was doing all that writing. They seriously thought they would. That's been a relief all around, let me tell you, because I'm already well into another MS.
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