February 15, 2011

Books are Like Chocolates

I opened my Valentine's Day chocolates yesterday, and there were all those delectable-looking chocolates . . . with no helpful sheet of paper explaining what kind of filling I might find inside each one. Not right! Right? I mean, I love almost any filling, but what if I bite into one with coconut filling? Yuck.

And it occurred to me:

Books are like chocolates.

The description of the book is like the sheet of paper that tells you what's inside the chocolates. Helpful, yes?

But what if the description of a book is misleading? This is the case with short stories far too often. You go to, say, Amazon and find a short story that looks interesting, and you buy it. Then you read it, and it's not a story at all.

Because a story has a resolution.

Some of the short "stories" found on, say, Amazon read like the first chapter of a novel, leaving you hanging with no resolution to the plot. Argh.

A short "story" with a description that doesn't acknowledge it has no resolution is like a box of chocolates with no sheet of paper that describes the filling. In fact, without a resolution it's like a box of chocolates that have no filling at all.

Hey, publishers? If you're going to put a story up on, say, Amazon and leave off the resolution, do your readers a favor and let us know that in the product description.
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