March 13, 2013

Book Contract for Rocky Road!


I'm excited. Can you tell? Like, swinging-from-the-light-fixtures excited. Seriously, there's extensive damage in my house. Because . . .

It's official, all signed and everything: my contemporary romance novel, Rocky Road, is going to be published by 5 Prince Publishing.


*wakes up*

A little about the story:

Physical therapist Nancy Robertson has her sights set on her dream promotion. Problem #1: she can’t let her boss find out she’s engaged to one of her patients, or she’ll lose her job altogether. Problem #2: her ex-fiancĂ© is back in town, shooting for the same promotion. Complicating matters are two mothers (and a fiancĂ©) with alarming secrets, an autistic brother with a penchant for wandering off at the most inconvenient times, and several rings—the sparkly kind, the stolen kind, the sticky wax kind that belongs under a toilet . . .

If that caught your interest, you're going to want to scroll up to the top of the page and click my newsletter link so you can get a quick e-mail reminder about Rocky Road on launch day (June 6). Go on, you know you want to.


Somebody pinch me and wake me up, OK?

March 06, 2013

Contemporary Romance? Yes!

I have exciting news that I can't announce yet. It's killing me! But I should wait until everything is official and signed.

What I can say is that it involves a contemporary romance novel and a publishing house and a certain amount of swinging from light fixtures.

Make of that what you will. ;-)
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