May 30, 2013

Do You Have a Favorite Author? Mine Is...

Do you have a favorite author? I do: Katie Fforde, London Times best seller and all-around lovely person.

And not just because Laurie Alice Eakes once told me my writing reminded her of Katie’s, which made me check out Katie’s books and instantly fall in love with them because they’re the best romantic comedy novels ever written. What a huge compliment that was to hear I wrote even a little like her! I'm not sure I fully believe it, to this day. There you have it, though.

But for me, a favorite author is more than just a factory of inspiring words. Some authors write fabulous books, but maybe they have bizarre online meltdowns, or maybe they have assistants who answer their reader correspondence for them. Stuff like that gives some readers an icky feeling. It gives me hives! If I wouldn’t really care to spend time with someone, I have a hard time enjoying a book that person has written.

Most authors who write great books are nice, genuine people. And there are loads of lovely authors whose books I adore. So how does Katie get the top spot in my list of favorites?

For one thing, I know for certain she personally answers her own fan e-mails. :)

For another, her genuineness shines through everything she says online. She’s exactly the kind of person I love to hang out with.

Did I mention I adore her books and her characters? Doesn’t matter, it bears repeating.

Maybe part of what makes me such a big fan is that I’m Canadian (and as such, a vague offshoot of England), and so British humor has always spoken to me in a special way (I do like Hester Browne’s books, and Helen Fielding’s).

Some of my favorite humorous Fforde moments: the heroine who’s just starting to care about the hero, sees he’s upset, and thinks his face is so rumpled that she wants to iron it; the first kiss that waits until halfway through the book and lands gently on the heroine’s forehead because she has what’s probably the worst head cold ever to descend upon anyone; the heroine who doesn’t get a chance to wax her legs before a romantic getaway; the heroine who’s shocked to learn a younger character replaces her underwear every spring and thus avoids the pitfalls of unreliable elastic.

Anyway, for me, it’s a bunch of things that add up to a favorite author, and Katie Fforde has all of them.

Do you have a favorite author who’s a wonderful writer and a genuinely delightful person? Let's hear about it. Give him or her a shout out in the comments.
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