September 05, 2013

The Lovely Lizzie

This new character, Lizzie (named after the lovely Liz Dent), has got all sorts of ideas fermenting in my mind for Jocelyn and Adrian's as-yet-untitled story. Wa-hoo! :)

It's OK that the book doesn't have a title yet. Something will pop out at me from the pages while I'm writing when the time is right, and I'll just know. At least, that's how it's worked so far. *crosses fingers*

In other news: After a short wrestling match with the Google+ comment system, I'm happy to say I disabled it for my blog. Now you don't need to belong to Google+ to comment, and I can actually see the comments people have made. It was a case of too much technology being a bad, bad thing. Gee whiz.

~ ~ ~

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