January 17, 2014

Why Books Cost More in Canada

Today it finally became time for me to reevaluate the rose-colored glasses I've been wearing.

I wanted so bad to keep my books' Canadian prices the same as the US prices. Unfortunately, though, it takes heaps and heaps of money to get books into Canada. That's not fair to anyone except the shipping companies, but outrageous shipping costs are a fact of life way up here in canucky-nuck land.

I love them. They're just so cute:

And I need to do what's right for them. They're not my children, exactly (they're much quieter), but they do need me from time to time.

So I talked with my bookstore lady (Paula at Black Bear Books in Creston), who feels that raising the price is the smart thing to do, and I'm going to go with what she feels is a suitable price point for my books.

I'll get over it, I guess, but for today I'm just a little bit sad about high book prices in Canada.

~ ~ ~

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Happy reading! :)
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