February 07, 2014

Amusing Book Pirate

Some people believe book pirates are wicked creatures that should be punished long and painfully; others believe book pirates would never have paid for books in the first place and so aren't impacting sales; a third group believes few pirates would exist if book publishers would lift all geographic restrictions on their e-books.

I'm sort of with that third group, if you're wondering. But that's not what this post is about.

This post is about a fan-freaking-tastic description of Rocky Road... spotted on a pirate site. I used Google Translate to so we can fully enjoy it.

Without further ado [with my responses in brackets]:

This ebook returns as # 1 bestseller The New York Times [Zowie! I wrote a New York Times best seller! And apparently the book has returned from... somewhere].
ebook liberating and totally addictive [Just like the ice cream.], recently appeared on the market in this edition ebook here [Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood book pirates.].
The ebook, which is filled with energy and good humor. The book, which reminds us that in life, anything can happen and you can never give up [Actually, they have this part right. Even pirates can be insightful]. The book, for all the pleasant evening in your favorite chair [A favorite chair is an excellent furniture choice for reading].

Comments on the ebook:
-I have read and I am very? S impressed ...

He reads quickly, but more importantly, there are many images. [He does, eh? And actually there are many images, because between scenes there's a cute little image of a diamond engagement ring. What an observant book pirate.]

I suppose it would be wrong to start billing myself as a New York Times best-selling author. :-P

~ ~ ~

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Happy reading! :)
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