February 19, 2014

Why I Love My Small Publisher

I blog a lot (OK, relatively speaking) about various aspects of book publishing, because I’ve worked in the publishing industry for practically forever, and because I’m an author who has traditionally published books and self-published books. Not that I know everything there is to know about publishing. But I’ve been places and seen stuff, and I like to share it with you.

So how about we talk about going with a small publisher instead of a massive one?

Recently I self-published a fantasy romance with a contemporary setting and a lighter tone than my usual fantasy voice. So, more like my contemporary/romcom stuff, but with a fantasy element. I figured it was a fun little story for Valentine’s, and it will be fun to add to that series every year.

Anyway, I did one of those promotional things where the book is free on Amazon for a few days (if you missed out on that, you can still get Wooing Cupid for $0.99). Then, with all those copies on Kindles all over the world, it occurred to me that hey, once people start reading Wooing Cupid, wouldn’t it be nice if one of my traditionally published books were on sale to tempt them a little more (of course those books are listed in the self-published one, because I was using my thinking cap).

So I asked my publisher whether it would be possible to do a sale for Rocky Road. And within minutes, I heard back: absolutely!

I left the sale and the timing of it in my publisher's hands, but I know it'll happen at the right time and at the right price.

If I had a big-time agent and a New York publisher, I bet that discussion would’ve been much slower and probably would’ve ended with a no.

So there you have one reason to consider going with a small publisher. If it’s the right publisher, the cooperation and mutual support can be fabulous. It sure is in my case.

If you’re wondering: my fab publisher is 5 Prince Publishing.

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Happy reading! :)
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