June 10, 2014

Kicsi: You Were a Great Dog


Last weekend I said good-bye to a great friend who was part of my family for 11 years.

The moment I pulled up in the driveway, she galloped around the perimeter of our yard, barking her head off to show what an excellent protector she was.

When I took my coffee out on the deck, she came and sat with me and quietly enjoyed the day with me.

When our Yorkie got lost in the forest, Kicsi tracked her and found her.

When it got difficult for her to go up the stairs, she tried anyway. And when she couldn't do it on her own, she still tried, even though she ended up needing to be carried.

She was always here. Physically and emotionally. No matter what, she always made her very best effort. She wasn't just a good dog, she was a great dog. And she's deeply missed.

~ ~ ~

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