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When small-town sport shop owner Valentine Arciere learns she's a direct descendant of the Roman God Cupid, she's swept into a magical world of love, trickery, and betrayal.

Billionaire Vittorio Fulminare, king of the gods and head of the international megacorporation Jupitropolis, has one goal: to convince Valentine to sign a buy-out deal so he can put up yet another Jupitropolis store.

Val, clinging to her family legacy, is the only person left standing up to Vitorio and preventing him from bulldozing her beloved hometown for the sake of a new store. If she were a mortal, signing the deal would be the smart thing to do. When you're a goddess, however, your soul goes hand in hand with the deed to your property.

But Vittorio is used to getting what he wants.

And the god Bacchus has wicked schemes of his own.

Even Val's sweet grandmother, who is supposedly retired from wielding Cupid's bow, has her own agenda. Meddling old Gram, despite her knack for delivering humor, has turned into a bit of a sniper.

Now Valentine is more attracted to the king of gods than she's ever been attracted to any man. It feels like love. She wants to trust him. But signing that buy-out deal will ensure the financial well-being of everyone in her town at the cost of her soul. Can she trust Vittorio with her soul when she can't even trust her own feelings for him, or his for her, after Gram has loosed Cupid's arrows at both of them?

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Eagle Magus

Perilous quest. Unimaginable reward.

Sword smith Keena Naess leads a secret life in the village of Klifby, where the use of magick, even for healing, is punishable by death. Her family has been taken from her, her brother gone missing after being accused of their parents’ murder. Keena has spent every moment since then forging a magick-imbued sword that will take her beyond the Veil to learn the truth that will exonerate her brother. But when she uses her magick to heal a wounded eaglet, she is revealed as a mage to the very people who would execute her.

Varick Garth, captain of the village’s winged strike force, has given up his wings in order to gain the trust of a mage who can lead him to the Veil, where magick enters the world, so he can close the Veil forever and thereby end the years-long magick-spawned winter that has descended upon the world. His orders are to make certain Keena is beyond the Veil when he closes it.

On their perilous journey, both Varick’s true nature and the truth Keena finds beyond the Veil will change their world forever.

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